News from the Farm

Long time, no see!

Oh my gosh, it has been SOOO long since I wrote anything here! The truth is, I have been working on building the farm into a tiny, small, minuscule business and am finally now off and running. Farming, raising animals, and producing products from that labor takes a long time and the learning curve is steep. There have been some changes around here- new animals, new products, new plans, and even more on the To Do List that haven't begun yet- and I will pledge to do better updating this blog to reflect them all! 

Actually, I am much better at keeping up with Instagram, so please do check me out there for much more regular news updates, pictures from the farm, and product information. I have also just opened my Etsy shop!! I have yarns from last year's wool crop posted there including yarn from Sunday, Solstice, August, and Spring's lamb fleeces. I also just sent about half of our 2017 fleeces to the mill last week and will expect them back in about 6 weeks. The rest of the fleeces need to be skirted and sent to the mill for processing soon too.Once I get those back, I'll post some yarn for sale from them too ASAP.

Posts to stay tuned for in the near future: 2017 fleeces and yarn, newest knitting projects, and stories about the newest animals on the farm including a rescued pup, a duck that was supposed to be a girl, and new lambs!