The House Animals

So far, I have introduced all the outside animals, but we have a house-full too! First, the German Shepherd, Argos. He is just over two-years-old and is the self-designated Farm Protector. He LOVES his sheep, goats, and chickens and is always on guard to make sure they are safe. I feel safer out in the country with him around too, but Hilda doesn’t like him so much…

Argos is protective, but isn’t dominant or head strong like some GSDs. He is super smart, really sweet, and a great farm buddy. We take walks all around the farm with the lamb and goats. In fact, the goats follow him when he runs ahead instead of me. German Shepherds are herding dogs, originally bred for herding and protecting sheep in large pastures. They were to act as living fences by keeping the herds of sheep together and where they were supposed to be while protecting them from predators. Argos hasn’t had any training as a herding dog, but he does like to get the chickens in a tight circle when given the opportunity. He runs circles around them to keep them together and, if one gets out of the circle, he hurriedly leaves to bring her back to the group. I’m sure you can imagine that the chickens get tired of this pretty quickly.  

We also have two cats, Oliver and Lester. My husband came with Lester and I came with Oliver. They live inside, but enjoy the smells and sounds the farm provides. Oliver runs the place and even keeps Argos in line.

Last, but not least is Ben, the Meyer’s Parrot. He is the cutest bird in the whole world and spends his days imitating the oven timer beep, watching TV in the living room, and getting his head scratched. His favorite music includes Billy Idol and his favorite past time is helping wrap Christmas presents by ripping up wrapping paper scraps.

That’s everyone on Hollyhock Farm!