The Goats

Next on the list to introduce you to are the little goats! These sisters were born on March 17th this year and are from a group of quintuplets. These two were put on a bottle so that Mama Goat could focus on feeding the other three! We got them when they were almost a month old and continued to bottle feed them for a few more weeks.

The farm has always been my dream and my husband has always gone with the flow. “Happy wife, happy life,” right? He was never opposed to any of it, but none was it was his idea…. Until he saw these two girls. We were at another farm nearby looking at the llama that I would eventually adopt to guard my sheep flock (that is another story) and these two goat girls were there. We left with a commitment to take the llama that day, but my husband secretly wanted to leave with the goats too. A few days later, I saw the two girls advertised for sale on Craigslist and, for fear that they would go to another farm, I went and picked them up as a birthday present for him that day.

These two are registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They are a miniature dairy breed and originally came from West Africa. The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association says that does (females) should not exceed 21 inches in height, so they are a great size for small homesteads. They can produce a surprising amount of milk for their small stature and their milk is high in butterfat, making it great for cheese and soap making. I hope to try out my cheese making skills with help from these girls someday.

These two are so sweet and affectionate. They LOVE my husband and still ask to be picked up and cuddled as soon as we start chores. There will come a day when they are too big for this, but they are not there yet. They also love to go on “goat walks” around the farm. Since they were bottle fed, they are happy to follow us wherever we go. It isn’t unusual for the two goats, my bottle lamb, the German Shepherd, and the llama to go on adventures around the farm to find the best grass and a change of scenery. What they don’t like is rain… if there is so much as a drizzle, they run for cover shaking their heads because their little ears are getting wet. Goats were never in my plan for the farm, but you know what they say… “Happy husband, happy life.”